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Subject: Re: NOTE 04/26/93 16:03:00
From: Howard Kaikow <kaikow -at- STANDARDS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1993 20:39:48 EDT

A number of people have asked me about the service that I use. Below is a
summary from that service provider. Other providers are listed on pages
338-348 of The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog by Ed Krol published
by O'Reilly & Associates.

The following is info that JvNC sent to my sister at my request.
Non-800 numbers are being added.

Howard Kaikow requested that I send you information on
JvNCnet and the Internet access that we provide. The
following is our standard information packet. If you have
any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Have a good weekend!


- Mike Feeney
Account Representative
(609) 258-2405 / (800) 35-TIGER
feeney -at- nisc -dot- jvnc -dot- net


JvNCnet is a mature data communications network with over
six years of experience in providing state of the art
Internet access and network services to academic,
commercial, and government organizations in the United
States and internationally. Formed in 1986, JvNCnet is one
of the original networks comprising the National Science
Foundation network (NSFnet), which in turn is an integral
part of the global TCP/IP-based Internet. JvNCnet was the
first network of its type worldwide to operate at speeds
close to 1.5Mbps over digital T1 lines.

JvNCnet is operated by a professional staff dedicate to
providing its members with outstanding service. The
network, based on a T1 (1.544Mbps) backbone configuration,
is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by
JvNCnet staff. JvNCnet members enjoy turn key installation
of service, a network availability of approximately 99.95%,
and a response time to problems on the network of about two
hours. JvNCnet service rates are not usage-sensitive;
members may utilize the network as much as necessary without
incurring additional usage surcharges, making JvNCnet a
cost-effective choice for Internet connectivity.

As a member of the Internet community, JvNCnet is committed
to providing access to all who would benefit from Internet
connectivity. Through programs such as the JvNCnet K-12
Pilot program and the NSF Grants program, and by offering
both low cost and high bandwidth services, JvNCnet provides
network access to a wide variety of institutions--academic
and commercial, large and small. JvNCnet's members are its
most important asset; communication with members is
maintained through Members' Meetings and JvNCnet mailing
lists. These factors have made JvNCnet a preferred choice
over other networks for industrial, educational, and
governmental Internet connectivity.


The Internet is a global collection of interconnected
networks linking thousands of computers worldwide via the
TCP/IP protocol suite. The Internet community includes
academic, corporate, and government institutions which
require rapid exchange of information in pursuit of research
efforts and scholarly endeavors. The benefits of Internet
access are multiple. A connection to JvNCnet and the
Internet will:

* Allow your organization to join over 6,000 networks
which form the Internet. Spread over 70 countries,
the Internet brings remote resources such as library
catalogues, supercomputers, and people directly to
your desktop.

* Facilitate Research and Development by:

- Providing access to specialized supercomputer
resources remotely from your own computer.

- Providing access to databases and archives on the

* Facilitate collaboration between people by:

- Electronic mail.

- Sharing and transfer of files and information.

- Participating in electronic discussion groups,
including the international network news system.

* Promote exchange of information and ideas between
corporations and the academic community.

* Optimize your communication costs by eliminating
dial-up connections to remote places or charges from
commercial networks on a per-usage basis for low
capacity, poor performance service.


JvNCnet's robust T1 backbone architecture interconnects
JvNCnet backbone nodal sites (BNS's) and was designed to
minimize local circuit charges to our members. Most BNSs
are collocated at AT&T points of presence (POP's), and
members are connected directly to the nearest BNS. JvNCnet
maintains access nodes in the following cities:

* Pleasantville, Princeton, and Newark, NJ

* Philadelphia, PA

* Garden City, and New York City, NY

* Bridgeport, New Haven, and Storrs, CT

* Providence, RI

* Boston, MA

* Washington, DC

JvNCnet adds additional access points as needed to meet the
needs of the Internet community.


JvNCnet offers a gateway membership option to meet any level
of Internet usage, and thus provides easy service expansion
as members' use dictates. A utilization report, part of the
monthly operations report, is provided to each member and is
available on-line. This report is an excellent resource for
determining when to upgrade to a higher capacity service.
To provide Internet connectivity, JvNCnet will install a
router and a CSU/DSU at the member's site, and order the
dedicated telephone line necessary to connect to the nearest
JvNCnet BNS. Members must run TCP/IP on their own local
area network, and work with JvNCnet to establish Domain Name
Service and electronic mail. Members may connect to JvNCnet
at any of the following bandwidths:

* TIGER T1 (1.544 Mbps), TIGER 2T and TIGER 3T

The Tiger T1 membership option provides the user
with a 1.544 Mbps dedicated digital line to the
nearest JvNCnet backbone node, while the Tiger 2T
and Tiger 3T options provide multiple T1
connectivity. These membership options are ideal
for organizations which need to accommodate hundreds
or thousand of electronic mail users, or which
require a very high bandwidth to move large numeric,
text, or graphic files across the Internet. In
addition, Tiger T1 service is characterized by an
extremely low latency, thus optimizing response
times to end-users, and is outstanding for highly
interactive applications.

* TIGER T1-E (128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, and 512 Kbps)

The Tiger T1-E digital service provides members with
three easy steps up from the 56 kbps service towards
full T1 capability. The line bandwidth of Tiger
T1-E service is 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, or 512 Kbps, and
the service offers the low latency of T1.

* TIGER 56 (56 Kbps)

Approximately one-third of JvNCnet members are
connected at Tiger 56. It is ideal for medium-sized
institutions whose use typically will exceed the
capacity of a Tiger 19.2 link. The Tiger 56 option
is the most cost-effective solution for many JvNCnet

* TIGER 56-E (56 Kbps)

Aimed at new Internet members who have initially
limited network use but expect tremendous growth,
Tiger 56-E provides a 56 Kbps connection at the cost
of a 19.2 Kbps connection. Tiger 56-E members have
the advantages of the low latency and high speed of
a 56 Kbps connection, and room for tremendous
network growth.

* TIGER 19.2 (19.2 Kbps)

The Tiger 19.2 service offers a great starting point
for institutions of very small size, or with
uncertain data communications requirements and no
current Internet connection. The service is an
ideal way to explore the Internet, and can be easily
upgraded to a Tiger 56 connection as usage
increases. The Tiger 19.2 membership option
provided on a dedicated analog line.


The host services are an ideal way for any organization to
take advantage of the many resources available on the
Internet at a low cost. The only requirement to join the
JvNCnet host service is to have a computer and a modem.

JvNCnet offers four very low cost dial-up service options:
Dialin' Tiger, Dialin' Tiger II, TigerMail+, and Dialin'
Terminal. Each service provides a different level of
Internet access. Members may choose to dial into JvNCnet
local numbers or use an (800) number, making this an ideal
service for the traveler. The four services offer:


Full Internet access, including electronic mail,
Usenet News, ftp, and telnet, a software interface,
and an account on a UNIX workstation for terminal
access or customized mail handling.


All of the features of Dialin' Tiger, without the
UNIX account. The choice for small business and
individuals with a need for full Internet access.

Dialin' Tiger and Dialin' Tiger II can be accessed via local
dial-in to any one of JvNCnet's backbone nodes across the
Northeastern United States. Access through JvNCnet's
nationwide (800) number is also available at $10 per hour -
equivalent to the rate that the telephone company charges
JvNCnet for (800) number service.


Electronic mail and Usenet News only, through a
software interface. Perfect for small businesses
and individuals with initially limited Internet
access needs.


Terminal access only, for members who would like to
reach a home-based computer on the Internet.
Excellent for travelers who need only to connect to
their business' computer.

Currently, TigerMail+ and Dialin' Terminal may only be
accessed through JvNCnet's nationwide (800) number at the
rate of $10 per hour - equivalent to the rate that the
telephone company charges JvNCnet for (800) number service.
Dial-in access into JvNCnet's backbone nodes across the
Northeastern United States will be possible in the upcoming

As part of the service, JvNCnet provides a software
interface that automates dial-up, electronic mail, news,
telnet and ftp. Software is initially available for PCs
running DOS and Macintoshes. Members will receive a new
users manual that outlines technical specifications, use of
the software, and general guidelines for navigating the
Internet. Members provide their own workstation and modem;
V.32bis modems may be purchased from JvNCnet. The Telebit
T3000 modem accommodates up to 14.4 kbps and is available
for purchase from JvNCnet. It is recommended that for
dial-up connectivity, no less than 9.6 bps modem be

Service Monthly Price Startup Fee
Dialin'Tiger $120 $99
Dialin'Tiger II $99 $99
TigerMail+ $19 $36
Dialin'Terminal $19 $36

Use of the service is unlimited, and the network is
operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The
Dialin'Tiger help desk, for all questions related to use of
the service and general Internet information, is operated
from 8 am to 5 pm EST.

The Dialin 'Tiger service will be billed on a monthly
basis. JvNCnet does, however, offer discounts of up to
10% on the Dialin'Tiger and Dialin'Tiger II membership
options, for a commitment of up to two years. Volume
discounts of up to 25% are also available for
organizations choosing to purchase many memberships.

JvNCnet's enhanced Dialin' Tiger membership options can
be established within one week.


JvNCnet has developed considerable expertise in networking
during its six years of operation, and now offers that
expertise to its members. As part of the installation of a
gateway service, JvNCnet will provide two days of on-site
consulting specifically targeted to the installation of
network applications. JvNCnet will assist in the
installation of Domain Name Service, Network News, and
Sendmail, providing standard configuration files to ensure
that the new service is quickly operational.

Additionally, JvNCnet will provide further consulting
services at standard rates. These services include network
monitoring and operations, and system administration beyond
the initial two day period. JvNCnet offers support for
corporate and international networks utilizing the secure
and private JvNCnet backbone.


Open to the public, JvNCnet's Symposium Series improves
understanding of the Internet by addressing technical issues
affecting networking technology and resources available on
the network. Begun in May, 1991, symposia have included
Introduction to Data Networking, Network Security, Internet
Applications and System Administration on the Internet.
Symposia cover both introductory and advanced topics.


JvNCnet offers a no-cost upgrade plan for gateway services
members with growing requirements for Internet access.
JvNCnet will make a recommendation to upgrade a service upon
careful evaluation of the subscriber's needs, line
utilization, and expected growth. JvNCnet staff will
procure all equipment necessart for the upgrade, and test
the new service for stability. The upgrade is accomplished
in a cost-effective, transparent manner with no interruption
of service.


JvNCnet offers flexible billing procedures on all services.
Standard contracts for gateway services are one year, but
members may choose JvNCnet's Pilot' Tiger Program.
Pilot'Tiger provides turnkey network connectivity , month-
to-month payment, and full Internet access, with a minimum
three or sixth month commitment.


Sergio Heker
Global Enterprise Services
B6 von Neumann Hall
Princeton NJ 08544

(800) 35-TIGER
(609) 258-2424
market -at- jvnc -dot- net

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