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From: Chet_Cady -at- OCLC -dot- ORG
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1993 15:43:32 EDT

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From: Chet Cady:CEO
Date: ## 04/28/93 15:45 ##

I'll have to give you three things I wish I'd learned:

* How to let go of an imperfect project. (Theoretically, I
should have learned this with every assignment, but I didn't.
Maybe if my profs had changed the assignments and moved up the
due dates, I'd have have learned.) Another way to say this is
to learn what is good enough (a terrible thing to say amid all
discussion of excellence that has gone on in recent years).

* How to work faster

* How to work smarter

Hey! None of these has to do with tech writing per se!

Chet Cady
cady -at- oclc -dot- org

From: Mary Massirer -at- ENGLISH -dot- BAYLOR -dot- EDU:smtp
Date: ## 04/28/93 15:21 ##
I know this is a very broad question, but I need some insight from technical
writers. I joined this list in order to supplement my experience in the
academic world with the experience of those out in the professional world. As
a teacher of technical writing, I'd like to know what one or two things you
wish you had learned in a college technical wriing course. What should be the
essence of a student's experience in such a course? Thanks! mary_massirer@

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