Re: Teach 'em to fish, don't give 'em fish

Subject: Re: Teach 'em to fish, don't give 'em fish
From: Peter Montgomery <MONTGOMERY -at- CAMINS -dot- CAMOSUN -dot- BC -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1993 22:41:41 -0700

> Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1993 16:26:00 LCL Thus spake Carol Carmick
<Carol_Carmick -at- BEAV -dot- INTERSOLV -dot- COM>

CC> I think the challenge is to structure the information so that the
CC> how-come information is available but avoidable (easy if you have
CC> hypertext!). Failing that, I've started putting the conceptual
CC> information after the procedure. This offends my writerly
CC> vanity, but I think it makes the topics more usable.

I agree whole heartedly.

I suspect the psychology of the engineer/documentor relationship
ruins a lot of good products. Seems to me that if the documentor
isn't in on the design of the product from the beginning, then
the battle is lost. Perhaps if documentors were renamed document
engineers, the engineers might give a few positive grunts.

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