Re: The not-so-new anymore topic

Subject: Re: The not-so-new anymore topic
From: lpraderio <lpraderi -at- CLIFF -dot- WHOI -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 16:44:17 EDT

Hi correaj,

Well, you've got some tough hide and I envy you dearly because I certainly need
to hear a a little respect and not distain in a voice from a human I am working
with for many hours/week.

Also, I hate dealing with rude people regularly because they just bug me-plain
and simple; and if they don't care what my level of work and understanding is
then odds are they aren't going to give me the information I need and aren't
going to offer me info they may think I need (it helps to have an open and free-
flowing relationship).

Also, they may treat me unfairly and not promote me (yes some of us are at the
whim of other's egos). I certainly haven't an ounce of problem with quitting
a job because the environment is rude and offensive, but whether I'm there for
1 hour or 400 years I'm not gonna tolerate rudeness. period. It's not a case
of pleasing developers/engineers, it's a case of a little respect!

I do strongly agree with your idea of concentrating on the user, it certainly,
IMHO, gets many of us through a day.

Laura Praderio
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

I'm probably going to get beaten up for this one, but why is everyone so
intent on getting a developer's respect? The customer/user's respect is
what I want -- if I'm getting that who cares what everyone else thinks? I
don't work for developers or trainers or supporters or managers or funders.
I work for users.

Go in search of their opinions -- fix what they don't like and celebrate
what they love.

correaj -at- sdsc -dot- edu
I represent only myself.

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