Re: Interleaf

Subject: Re: Interleaf
From: Lisa Kaytes <lisa_cavaliere-kaytes -at- WARREN -dot- MENTORG -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 19:45:29 EDT

>> I just received some information from InterLeaf. Sounds like a
>> pretty complete documentation package. Does anyone use all or part
>> of it?

> Again, I don't know how much of this is through falts in the software or
> through misuse and sheer ignorance. I do know that in the world of document
> processing or DTP, there really are no better choices than Interleaf or
> FrameMaker (both of which have faults), especially at the workstation level
> of operation. I would recommend FrameMaker more, only because I've used it
> extensively.

I've used Interleaf (from 1989-1990 on an IBM PC) and FrameMaker
(from 1990-1993 on a Sun2, 3, and Sparc 2) and of the two, I prefer
FrameMaker. Both are very powerful publishing tools and I believe that
feature-wise they are practically equivalent. Interleaf has a more powerful
graphics package, but I know Frame is improving their graphic tools in
their Version 4.0 (soon to be released). My main reason for preferring
FrameMaker is its user interface. Personally, I think Frame is much more
intuitive and more "efficient" (meaning you can accomplish the same task
in less steps) than Interleaf. Obviously, however, I am not comparing
"apples to apples," since I used the tools on different platforms and
at different times.

I think Fred's advice is worth heeding - get a one-on-one demo of each
product and see which tool will best meet your needs.
Don't settle for any canned, slick marketing demos. Instead, try to get the
product rep to concentrate on the areas that concern you the most.

Good luck with your decision. BTW - what publishing tool do you
currently use?

Lisa Kaytes
lisa -at- warren -dot- mentorg -dot- com

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