From: na-bor <NPARRY -at- COLGATEU -dot- BITNET>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1993 02:08:01 -0400


We're among friends here, no one listening in at all. Here we might ask
(rhetorically, of course, and hypothetically) might not the difficulty dwell in
the (perhaps necessary, maybe the natural) qualities that make good engineers
good, and good tech-writers good) and through a neo-Darwinian selection
process, symbiotic, but very different, maybe just barely compatible?

Or, since it's only us here, might it be permitted to suggest that engineers,
as a phenomonon are (how should we say?), maybe just a standard deviation to
the side of egomaniacal and obnoxious - in general, of course, and the
exception proving the rule you know, but by and large, as a group, sort of,
well, you know, assholes - speaking purely from a statistical point of view, no
particular anal retentive individual living or dead resembling any engineer,
plastic pen holder in pocket, short pants, cheap shoes, by which they might be
unfairly characterized, intended?

Of course not.

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