Subject: Re: SGML
From: Susan Stewart <susan -at- AVALANCHE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 10:24:11 -0600


Well, I haven't read the latest STC Quarterly Journal (I don't get it because
I'm not yet an STC member) but I am very interested in SGML. The company I
work for, Avalanche Development, is heavily involved in the development of
SGML tools and applications--it's a big part of our business.

I regularly convert documents to and from SGML to make examples for my
documentation. The more practical application, for us, is just starting.
My boss recently committed to creating some breathing room in my schedule
(by acquiring another writer and holding deadlines at bay) so that we can
design an SGML application for ourselves. We're converting our documentation
to SGML to facilitate maintenance and reusability, and to allow us to use
one generically marked up body of information to produce paper and online
docs and online help.

I'll be speaking about SGML at the STC conference in June. If you're
interested in learning more about SGML, come and give me someone to
talk to. I'll be covering the basics of SGML theory as well as explaining
and demonstrating a couple of (very) practical applications.

As for the possibilities of such a system used widely... I could go on
about this at length but I still have one deadline looming. If you'd like
to know more about how we're applying SGML to our documentation, come see
me in Dallas or send me mail.

Susan Stewart
susan -at- avalanche -dot- com

>Hi all!

>Well, for anyone who's read the latest STC Quarterly Journal, the latest topic
>is SGML, for Standard General Markup Language. I am therefor officially
>starting a thread about it, with the hope that this topic hasn't already been
>beaten to death here.

>Things to talk about: if you've used it, how you like it, what you think of
>the presentation in the Journal, what you think of the concept (if you haven't
>used it), the possibilities for such a system used widely, and whether all the
>books in the Library of Congress could be converted to an SGML system online.

>People, start your e-mail!!!

>-John Sanders-

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