Enough already!

Subject: Enough already!
From: Matt Hicks <matt -at- UNIDATA -dot- UCAR -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 13:46:53 -0600

I don't want to have to join the masses who are unsubscribing from
this group as soon as they get on it, but I'm getting close to cutting
the cord. Take this redlining thread; how many different people need
to suggest DocuComp and WordPerfect? I don't think that there have
been more than three posts in this whole thread that didn't duplicate
what had already been posted. Try reading the group before you post,
especially in response to a query--chances are that you are neither the
only person with the information, nor the first to see the post.

Another good way to keep the volume down is to have people answer
specific questions via personal email, compile the responses, and post
a summary in a few days. People can then debate the merits of the
various responses if they feel that they have something meaningful to
add. They can also see in the summary whether someone might have already
made their point for them. On that note, mailing lists are a poor forum
for "me-tooisms"; don't just post to say you agree with someone, unless
you can also expand meaningfully on a concept they have introduced.
If you want to tell someone that you appreciate their comments, send mail
to THEM, not to US.

Let's try to cut down on the chaff flying around in this group, it is
hayfever season, afterall. I'm sorry if I've stomped on anyone's delicate
little toes--I don't want this to start a "tolerance of others" thread
where everyone wastes bandwidth excusing everyone else for wasting band-
width. And please, if you think this post was also a waste of bandwidth,
send me email at matt -at- unidata -dot- ucar -dot- edu; don't post a response to the whole
damn group and don't quote my message back at me--I know what I wrote.

I'd put on my flame retardant jammies, but they've been recalled by the

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Matthew B. Hicks | Unidata Program Center | ((ovo)) The spotted owl:
matt -at- unidata -dot- ucar -dot- edu | UCAR, PO Box 3000 | ():::() the other "other
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