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Subject: Re: Dress Code
From: Len Olszewski <saslpo -at- UNX -dot- SAS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1993 12:49:37 -0500

> In reply, we're discussing dress code as a single aspect of an overall working
> environment, and the policies that drive such places. I gues the point is how
> these things might be changed, but from where I stand that seems pretty slim
> here.

This may be obvious, but I didn't think about things this way until
somebody explained it to *me*. In any situation that you dislike which
is *not* under your control, here are the things which *are* - you can
change to another situation, or you can change your *mind* about your
current situation. Until you do either one, you probably won't be happy.

> It may have little or no impact on your life, but it means a lot in mine. And
> it effects work in general (see my other post to this effect).

No doubt. Do your long-term plans include removing yourself from your
current situation? If so, you might want to put up with some short-term
inconvenience in the service of your long-term objectives. Only you
decide whether it's worth it, or whether to adjust your long-term goals,
or perhaps adjust the time frame associated with them. Of course, this
assumes you have long-term goals - if you don't, you should.

This thread is getting a lot of play, isn't it? Not everybody is real
*happy* about working conditions. I've been in several AWFUL situations;
heavy overtime, ludicrous management, unhealthy stress, incompetent
co-workers, low occupational esteem, crooked veeps, etc. After you
get the experience and/or education you need to maneuver a little bit,
pick the company you want to work for, do what's necessary to be the
employee they want to hire, then campaign for work there assiduously and
persistently. Even financial deprivation beats the hell out of bleeding
your life away in a job you despise for a company you openly disdain.

I'm very happy with the company for which I now work, but I did *not*
get here by accident or by luck. I am not bragging, and everybody's
situation is unique (tm), BUT there are always things you can DO. Your
head has to be in the right spot; when things are bad, you want to think
your way out.

I hope this thread actually *helps* some folks. Individuals who accepts
the responsibility for their situation take a big-time step toward
controlling their future and their happiness. Good luck, everybody!

> -John Sanders-

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