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From: Carl Grant <cgrant -at- AMEX-TRS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1993 10:08:12 -0700

Re: Dallas!

Well, I am back from Dallas and now I have lots of notes and
brochures and stuff (not to mention the Proceedings) to keep me
busy for awhile. I guess I'll have the time, anyway, since two
days after I returned I got my two-week notice on my contract.
Nice timing (well, it's never a good time is it?).

I only got to meet a couple people from the
techwriter list, including Binion Amerson.
I think there was a get-together planned, but I
couldn't make it, there was so much going on.

I liked the opening remarks by DeWitt Jones, the National Geographic
photographer, who motivated me to not just do a good job, but to
look at my work from all angles (like a photographer) and come up
with the *best* solution to whatever I am doing. He called it, "having
juice in your camera." (It's a long story I'll leave to someone else,
but it's about getting your creative juices going.) He demonstrated this
by comparing his good photos (postcard quality) with the same subject
taken at a different angle with different lighting (oooh! wow!)

The chapter leadership sessions were very good, and I have lots of
ideas to apply to my own chapter next year. William Horton gave an
excellent talk on using all media to express yourself, including words,
sound, pictures, braile (sp?), etc.

The Loews is a beautiful hotel, with two huge atriums, a park, and many
museum quality art pieces. We saw Kay Hutchinson (sp?) give her
acceptance speech upon her victory in the Senate race in Texas Saturday night.
We heard that Opray Winfrey spent Saturday night there. It seemed to be
quite the place. But I digress.

Actually, the most valuable thing to me
about the conference is meeting your fellow technical communicators, seeing
how they do things, and validating whether or not you are doing a good
job back home.

Carl Grant
Incoming Presidente, Phoenix Chapter
Hosting the Region 5 Conference, October 14-16
Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Spa
cgrant -at- amex-trs -dot- com

p.s. In two weeks I will have to unsubscribe to this list, as I will
no longer have access to Internet. It's been quite worthwhile and I will
miss it.

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