Re: Fax Machines

Subject: Re: Fax Machines
From: "Bruce B. Harper" <BHARPER -at- VTVM1 -dot- CC -dot- VT -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1993 16:26:46 EDT

On Fri, 18 Jun 1993 12:22:03 PDT Karen Kay said:
>Chuck Banks said:
>> If you expect to receive fax messages from outside the USA,
>> get a thermal paper fax machine.

>If you have a fax modem, you can simply edit the file after it's
>received by your computer, I believe. So size doesn't need to be
>an issue.

Maybe. I have a friend who has a fax modem that feeds files into
Windows, but as images and not text. He was complaining of the need
to go out and purchase an OCR software package that would give him the
translation capability to pull the text of the fax into a letter, memo,
report, etc. His current configuration works great as far as receiving
faxes (faxi ?), but only if he then prints the resulting file on a laser
printer to get a hard copy. His concern is that this at times defeats
the purpose of feeding the fax right into the computer, because he then
has to rekey the message. "For that, I could have gotten a thermal-paper
fax machine," was his response.

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