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Subject: Re: Fax Machines
From: John Veneruso <johnv -at- JOHNV -dot- MENTORG -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1993 20:33:34 GMT

The program you are referring to uses a process called
character recognition. This program (and others like it)
do actually perform a useful function.

When you receive a FAX on your
computer, you are actually recieving a bit mapped image.
You cannot use a word processor to edit the image.
You can however, use either a paint or draw program to
alter it.

Possible uses for a textual version of the received FAX
include the following tasks:

* Search for a word or phrase
* Copy and paste phrases and paragraphs into
another document
* Saving the recieved information in a much more
compact form. A page of text requires a fraction of
the memory space that the same page of bit mapped graphics

The character recognition programs that I worked with
two years ago had approximately a 98% conversion accuracy.
(Some characters were misinterpreted.) The errors are usually
found with a single pass of a spelling checker. I believe
that some of these programs have an accuracy rate approaching
99.1% for printed material; however, the font that the material
is originally printed in can reduce the accuracy of the

Good Luck...

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