Re: resume question

Subject: Re: resume question
From: Robert Whitehead <rcwhiteh -at- MEDRCW -dot- B17B -dot- INGR -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1993 08:14:37 CDT

In the words of Karin Warren:

> I've noticed that many of the posters in include the
> software and tools they use or are familiar with.

(stuff deleted)

> My current resume does *not* list:

> 1. Tools (WordPerfect, PageMaker, HiJaak,...)
> 2. Software I'm familiar with (Windows, dBase,...)
> 3. Programming languages of the software I've documented (Alpha-4,
> Clipper, MicroStation...)
> 4. Operating systems

> I purposely exclude #1 because it seems too limiting; someone who
> wants an MS-Word or FrameMaker pro could throw me out on that basis
> and I'd never make it to the interview stage where I could possibly
> charm them into giving me the job.

(other stuff deleted)

I made up two documents for interviewing:

o a standard resume
o a statement of qualifications

An SOQ is the opposite of a resume; where resumes are brief, SOQs
are long. An SOQ can list all the types of software with which you
are proficient, companies for whom you've worked and the persons
there who can give you a good recommendation, and so on.

It's a "brag sheet." Send them the resume to get the interview,
then give them the brag sheet when you get there.
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