Re: HELP!! (Interleaf Gurus)

Subject: Re: HELP!! (Interleaf Gurus)
From: Jerry Blackerby <exujbl -at- EXU -dot- ERICSSON -dot- SE>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993 07:49:52 CDT


About your problem with printing artwork lines on the Talaris.

We have a similar problem here with artwork created in Island Draw
and printed on either a QMS PS2000 or HP 4si versus the Imagen
printer. Certain lines of artwork end up totally dropping out on
the QMS and HP printers. Other lines become very bold hashmarks on
the QMS and HP printers. The exact same eps file can be printed
properly on the Imagen printer.

Investigation has shown that the art package codes the lines as
colors in some cases. The printers (using PostScript Level 2 and
up) look at the color codes and use a lookup table to determine
the pattern to print. In the case of the dropped out lines, the
Level 2 PostScript for the specific printer prints a red line as
a white line.

By having the printer set back to PostScript Level 1, we were able
to bypass the problem. Level 1 only recognizes black and white.

We only recently tested the HP 4si printer and notified HP of the
problem with their PostScript version of converting red to white.

In turn, we apparently have a problem with Island Draw in that
it codes some lines as colors even though we have indicated
that all lines should be black.

Hope this helps you. We spent many hours chasing this one down.


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