STC'S Electronic Bulletin Board

Subject: STC'S Electronic Bulletin Board
From: Greg Kushmerek <gkushmer -at- JADE -dot- TUFTS -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1993 08:09:37 EDT

> From: JEFF NADEL <DI380 -at- CALPOLY -dot- BITNET>

> Greetings All!

> Why is it that STC does not have Internet access? As more tech writers
> have access to the internet though direct Internet access, America
> On-Line or Compuserve, the importance of worldwide conductivity inproves
> productivity and greatly broadens the information technology available to
> all of us. If it is a cost thing, try incorporating it into the dues.
> STC should get into the real world and have Internet conductivity.

Cost is a very BIG factor. For the STC to have a full Internet connection
would cost $1000 per month. The other option is that they find
a local service provider, such as the World operates here in Boston,
and get an account. Nevertheless, STC members want FTP and possibly
Telnet access.

An account on a provider would not fit STC's needs except _maybe_ to
run a bulletin board (if the sysop allowed it). But even then, it
would compete with this list (unless it dealt exclusively with something
like job announcements).

So now we're back to the cost for a full line. Well, after the installation
and consultation fees, as well as the startup investment costs, the STC
would then need to hire a system administrator. All this costs even
more $$$$.

The only other option is for a host to "donate" the line. I don't
know who in Virginia would do that. I suppose that the host provider
could be anywhere in the US, but, then again, they need that immediate
access to the net which I don't think is readily available in their
part of the country.

As far as I'm concerned, getting a contract with Compuserve to create an
STC forum is simply undo-able. It's limited exclusively to Compuserve
members and I would not be interested in paying Compuserve's fees
(it's uncompetitive for what I can get around here in Boston). I'll bet
many others in the tech writing world depend on their companies for
Internet access. These people would also need convincing to get a
Compuserve account and possibly a home computer too.

Just some thoughts . . .


Greg Kushmerek "They [Australians] don't spell 'beer'
Sr. Researcher/Development with four X's out of ignorance. . .And
Tufts University light beer is a creation of the Prince
Medford, MA of Darkness."
gkushmer -at- jade -dot- tufts -dot- edu -Morse, Thames Valley C.I.D.-

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