Re: modem recomendations

Subject: Re: modem recomendations
From: Chuck Banks <chuck -at- ASL -dot- DL -dot- NEC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1993 10:29:36 CDT


There are a host of modem brands that work very well.
Hayes, Novation, USRobotics, Racal-Vadac, UGC, NEC,
are just a few brands I've used successfully.

The modems easiest to use with personal computer communications
software are the Hayes and Hayes-compatible modems. Any of the
personal computer magazines (e.g., PC Week, Byte, etc.) list
a number of good mail order houses and their modem prices.

If you don't already have a communications software program, I
recommend ProComm Plus. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and
extremely versatile. You can purchase it mail order from a
mail order house or from the vendor:

DataStorm Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 1471
Columbia, MO 65205

Yes, you can install a modem yourself. If you have a serial
connector (RS-232, DB25 or DB9, 25-pin or 9-pin, D-shaped)
you can use an external modem (more expensive but easier to
install). If you don't have a serial connector or are using
it for a mouse, you could install an internal modem (it's a
card you add to the inside of your PC). Instructions are in your
computer owner's manual and are packed with the modem.

As for coexisting with a FAX machine, you can connect the
fax machine to the phone set jack on your modem or, if
you want trouble-free operation, you can spend $100+ and
get an automatic switch box made specifically to switch
the line from computer to fax based on the incoming signal.

I hope this helps.

Chuck Banks
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| \\ | || || NEC America, Inc.
| \\| \\______ \\______ E-Mail: chuck -at- asl -dot- dl -dot- nec -dot- com
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