Subject: misc.jobs
From: Greg Kushmerek <gkushmer -at- JADE -dot- TUFTS -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1993 11:22:06 EDT

Since USENET gets mentioned a bit here, I'm taking a second to create
the "USENET Test." This test determines whether or not you have a USENET

For UNIX users, this test is easy: Type "rn" at the command-line. If
you are an EMACS fan like myself, then you mayy also want to try
"M-x gnus" from within EMACS.

For VMS users, type "NEWS" at the command-line. If that doesn't work,
type "VNEWS" at the command-line. If none of this starts you off into
USENET, then see if you need to first start up a package. To do this,
type "SETUP/LIST"; this will also show you any other goodies your
system administrator may be hiding. Search for any package with
"NEWS" in it. To activate it, type "SETUP [package name]"

If none of this works for you, you probably do not have access to
USENET. As a rule of thumb, anyone with a UUNET or UUCP connection
probably does not have a USENET feed. Anyone with an Internet account
at a university (such as myself) has access to USENET. People at
companies with feeds possibly may not be allowed to run news software.

If you are truly ambitious/desperate, have a direct Internet
feed but no USENET access (you can Telnet and FTP but can't read news),
and your sysadmin is adamant about getting USENET, there is a way
around this. Anyone with EMACS on a UNIX machine can get, for free,
the gnus newsreader package. Install that in your directory, put
your directory on your EMACSLOADPATH, and you have network news transfer
protocol software on your machine. The documentation that comes with
it explains how to run it.

Good luck,


Greg Kushmerek "They [Australians] don't spell 'beer'
Sr. Researcher/Development with four X's out of ignorance. . .And
Tufts University light beer is a creation of the Prince
Medford, MA of Darkness."
gkushmer -at- jade -dot- tufts -dot- edu -Morse, Thames Valley C.I.D.-

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