Re: tech writing vs. tech communication vs. communication (NEW THREAD)

Subject: Re: tech writing vs. tech communication vs. communication (NEW THREAD)
From: Michael McClatchey <mmm -at- AISINC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1993 11:10:39 -0500

Bill Karis writes:
>I would like to hear other people,
>particularly those practicing professionals, comment about Jerry's
>idea that ". . . all of us are technical writers." While my colleagues
>and I tend to see the field of technical communication expanding into
>other areas beyond those traditionally linked to 'tech writing,' I'm
>not sure that everyone agrees. Any thoughts?

Yes, a few. I write technical information. I also turn it into video tape. I
also write technical information for selling software and hardware. I see my
job as communication. It exists at various levels of technical complexity, from
1600 pages of development environment documentation to one-page data sheets
w/color photo for the sales staff, to answering questions from colleagues about
FrameMaker. One of the reasons I can't get too passionate about STC is that I
don't particularly want to restrict my communication to "technical". I work for
a living communicating. So did my dad. I tell people "I write for a computer
company". If they get that "Oooh, yuck!" expression on their face, I say, "I
make videos, too", and they usually smile and get friendlier.

I sure don't want to get into a discussion of who's a "real" technical writer,
but I would also be interested in hearing from other communicators about what
we do.

Thanks, all...

Michael McClatchey mmm -at- aisinc -dot- com
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