Glasgow Style

Subject: Glasgow Style
From: Ken d'Albenas <kendal -at- AUTOTROL -dot- CUC -dot- AB -dot- CA>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1993 14:55:46 MDT

Glasgow Style

A Conference on the Interface between Design and Technology

Glasgow Style, the fourth conference of the British Computer
Society Electronic Publishing Specialist Group, will be held in
September 1993. It will address the nature of style, moving from
a study of its aesthetic principles through to its concrete
embodiment in diverse media, and the techniques for its
expression in different forms of electronic publishing.

As a result of the implementation of technology without design
principles, electronic publishing (EP) has not always received a
good press, although it may have resulted in a better press. The
conference will, in particular, address the gap between the
traditional designer and the new-wave practitioner of EP, expert
with the technology but perhaps ignorant of the precepts of
typography and design. It will also discuss whether the
technology supporting EP aids or hinders good design.

Delegates should gain a deeper understanding of both the
principles of style and the creation of good design. The
conference is intended for all concerned with the technology of
design, including designers themselves, publishers, typographers
(using hot metal or electronics) and of course the user. It will
provide a forum for informal talks on topics such as:

traditional and radical typography;

national and international styles;

timeless and time-bound styles;

poster and newspaper design;

design for the page and the screen;

and of course

(Charles Rennie) Mackintosh style.

The combination of the distinguished and informed speakers and
the inevitable (and also well-informed) comments from the floor
should ensure an informative and lively conference. Part of the
conference will take place at the Glasgow School of Art.

The conference will be preceded by an introductory seminar on
design, given on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 September (hopefully
by Robert Waller, Managing Director of the Information Design
Unit and designer of Monotype's Desktop Solution booklets).

Programme and Speakers

The programme will be made up of four sessions,

Definition of Style: Philosophy and Tradition

Flesh on the Bone: Concrete and Practical Implementations of Style

Revolution: Why Change? Life after 300 dpi

Mackintosh Style (planned for the Glasgow School of Art)

Speakers (subject to final confirmation) will include:

Ruari McLean, Author of the book Elements of Typography

Robin Kinross, writer on design and the philosophy of design

Paul Stiff, University of Reading

Paul Luna, Typographer and book designer for Oxford University Press

Alison Lowe, The Bible Society, and Jimmie McCammont, Collins

Lesley Taylor, St Andrew's Press

John Miles, Banks and Miles

Phil Cleaver, Business and Technical Education Council

Richard Paterson, Adobe Systems, on Acrobat

Phil Bains, St Martin's School of Art, on St Martin's Style

Graham Howard, on designing for the screen

Stephen Mulrine, Glasgow School of Art

Chris Seaton, on Talwin Morris Book Covers

Anne Ellis, Curator of Hill House

Where, when and how much?

The meeting will be held at the Kelvin Conference Centre,
Glasgow. Accommodation will be in single rooms. There is ample
parking space.

The conference will start officially at 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday
15 September and end at 4 p.m. on Thursday 16 September. There
will, however, be a seminar on design from 4.00 to 6.00 p.m. and
a talk on Mackintosh and Glasgow at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 14

The full resident fee includes:

the conference registration fee and all documentation; all meals
from lunch on Wednesday to lunch on Thursday including the
Conference Dinner on Wednesday evening; accommodation on
Wednesday night; refreshments during breaks.

The fee is #145 for members of the Electronic Publishing
Specialist Group (or #170 for non-members). There will, as usual,
be a special rate of #95 for students, whose registration form
must be accompanied by a signed letter from their head of
department (or supervisor). Additional nights' accommodation will
be #25 per night. Note that this does not include an evening
meal, but does include breakfast. The fee for non-residents will
be #125 for members, #150 for non-members, and #70 for students -
to include lunches and the conference dinner on Thursday evening,
but not bed and breakfast for Thursday night.

The fee for the Design Seminar on Tuesday afternoon will be #25.

No cancellations will be accepted after 31 August.

If you wish to be invoiced, there will be an additional charge of
#5 to cover administrative costs.

VAT will be added to all charges.

Please complete one copy of the enclosed booking form for each
conference delegate and send it to:

Glasgow Style
BCS Electronic Publishing Specialist Group
30 Edgerton Road
Huddersfield HD3 3AD
United Kingdom

Tel: 0484 519462
Fax: 0484 451396

From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000==

British Computer Society

Glasgow Style

Kelvin Conference Centre, Glasgow
15-16 September 1993

Registration Form

Rates (please tick the appropriate boxes): +VAT
EPSG members #145 + #25.38
Non-members #170 + #29.75
Students (enclose letter signed by head of department) #95 + #16.63

EPSG members #125 + #21.88
Non-members #150 + #26.25
Students (enclose letter signed by head of department) #70 + #12.25

Design Seminar #25 + #4.38

Extra nights accommodation:
Wednesday #25 + #4.38
Friday #25 + #4.38
other (#25 per night) + VAT

additional charge for invoicing #5 + #0.88



Sub-Total :

VAT at 17.5% (VAT Reg. No. 440 3490 76) :




ORGANISATION (if not part of address):


I have read your terms and conditions. Please register me as a
delegate for the Glasgow conference.

*I enclose a cheque for . . . . . . . . . . made payable to:

BCS Electronic Publishing Specialist Group

*Please invoice me (additional fee #5.00 + #0.88 VAT)

* Delete as required



Please return to:
Glasgow Style, BCS EPSG, 30 Edgerton Road, Huddersfield HD3 3AD,
United Kingdom


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