Re: Recent sexism postings

Subject: Re: Recent sexism postings
From: Larry Slack <L -dot- Slack -at- CORNELL -dot- EDU>
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1993 03:13:15 -0400

Rose said,

>And so is it racist to say that whites (whoever we are) have more to learn
>from blacks, about racism? than blacks can learn about racism from whites?

Although leaning toward Rose's point of view, I submit;

Don't we have A Lot to learn from each other regardless of gender/race?

As a male, I could learn from females how it feels to do the same job for
less pay.

As a male, I could learn what taking care of a home and children is REALLY
like (and I >am< learning that; I have developed a great respect for my
Wife as a working Mom).

But a female might learn from me what it's like to be sneered at because I
hold the door for someone at the supermarket (who happens to be female and)
who is loaded down with bags of items. I don't see gender in that
instance, I see someone who could use a hand - I would do the same thing
for a male in a similar situation without even thinking about it.

So far I count two instances of a female educating me, and one of me
educating a female. But normally I'M NOT KEEPING SCORE because there is so
much to learn !

One of the few things I remember about the 60's (they say if you remember
the 60's then you really wern't there) was explaining to a white/mail
friend that it was wrong that legislation in the South insisted that
minorities should have "seperate but equal" facilities. He had seen
nothing wrong with this legislation. I'm white, so was he. Did he have
less to learn about racism from me because of my race?

Can't we just say, "I'll learn from you, and you can learn from me," ?

Just my $.02


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