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Subject: Re: numbers???
From: Lori Lathrop <lathropl -at- DNS -dot- IRM -dot- R9 -dot- FWS -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1993 10:50:38 MDT

Jill -- Here's what my old IBM Dictionary of Computing says:

number. (1) A mathematical entity that may indicate quantity or amounts
of units. (A) (2) Loosely, a numeral. (A) (3) See binary number,
complex number, Fibonacci number, integral number, irrational number,
level-number, natural number, random number, rational number, real number,
record number, relative record number, segment number, serial number.

integer. (1) One of the numbers zero, +1, -1, +2, -2 ...(|) (A)
Synonomous with integral number (2) A positive or negative whole number,
that is, an optional sign followed by a number that does not contain a
decimal place or zero. (3) In COBOL, a numeric literal or a numeric data
item that does not include any digit position to the right of the assumed
decimal point. When the term "integer" appears in general formats, the
integer must not be a numeric data item, and must not be signed, nor zero
unless explicitly allowed by the rules of that format.

digit. (1) A character that represents a nonnegative integer; for example,
one of the characters 0 through F in the hexadecimal numeration system.
Synonomous with numeric character. (T) (2) A symbol that represents one
of the nonnegative integers smaller than the radix; for example, in decimal
notation, a digit is one of the characters from 0 to 9. (3) Any of the
numerals from 0 through 9. (4) Synonomous with numeric character. (5) See
ginary digit, borrow digit, carry digit, check digit, decimal digit,
equivalent binary-digit facotr, sign digit, significant digit.

Hope this helps.

Lori Lathrop
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Georgetown, CO
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