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Subject: Re: templates
From: Margaret Gerard <margaret -at- TOSHIBA -dot- TIC -dot- OZ -dot- AU>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 17:26:11 EST


A few bugs have been found in the templates - these have been fixed. I suppose
you could say that since the templates are in constant use, they are constantly
under review but only minor bugs have been detected in the last three years.
Frame up-grades have necessitated amendments, of course.

Those responsible for designing documentation templates and requiring their use
are not seeking to arrive at "the ultimate format". Surely this is a
subjective judgement.

The goal in template design (IMHO) is that the resultant documents will permit
optimal reader comprehension. The factors governing this are well understood.
Other design issues could be tinkered with until hell freezes over without
achieving anything except an ego boost for those involved.

An earlier thread discussed tightly controlled working environments where dress
codes, attendance times etc were rigidly enforced. I might be "leery" of a
company which subjected me to that sort of non-productive, childish nonsense if
I encountered one but I have no difficulty living with the imposition of
standards which result in a quality product.

It is a pleasure to use our Frame templates and a pleasure to see the results.
Any company with DTP capability not using it in some similar way is (IMHO) nuts

Margaret Gerard email: margaret -at- toshiba -dot- tic -dot- oz -dot- au fax: 61 2 4187791
Toshiba International

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