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>Contents Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall 1993)
> Journal of Technology Education

>Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall 1993) ISSN 1045-1064

> Editor MARK SANDERS, Technology Education,
> 144 Smyth Hall, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
> State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0432
> (703)231-6480 . Bitnet: msanders @ vtvml

> Associate Editor JAMES LaPORTE, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
> and State University

> Assistant LINDA SOLOWIEJ, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
> to the Editor and State University

> Editorial Board DENNIS CHEEK, New York State Education
> Department
> DONALD CLARK, Texas A & M University
> WILLIAM DELUCA, North Carolina
> State University
> MARC DE VRIES, Pedagogical Technological
> College, The Netherlands
> TAD FOSTER, Central Connecticut State
> University
> GENE GLOECKNER, Colorado State University
> JOHN HEYWOOD, University of Dublin, Ireland
> JANE LIEDTKE, Illinois State University
> DONALD LUX, The Ohio State University
> RICHARD PETERSON, North Carolina
> State University
> EDWARD PYTLIK, West Virginia University
> MICHAEL SCOTT, The Ohio State University
> SAM STERN, Oregon State University

>Published two times a year by the Technology Education Program, Virginia
>Polytechnic Institute and State University.
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>the GET command.

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>available files, send the following message to LISTSERV -at- VTVM1: INDEX JTE-L.
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>Note that all of the above e-mail addresses are on BITNET. The list server
>also has an Internet address:
>LISTSERV -at- VTVM1 -dot- CC -dot- VT -dot- EDU -dot-

>Articles are also available via anonymous ftp from the Scholarly Communications
>ftp server at BORG.LIB.VT.EDU. Figures (graphics) are also available at this
>FTP site. This archive is searchable via WAIS by using the jte source file
>stored at the directory-of-servers at THINK.COM. Gopher users can point their
>clients at BORG.LIB.VT.EDU to access JTE. World Wide Web users can access JTE
>through the web by pointing their clients at HTTP://BORG.LIB.VT.EDU/


>>From the Editor
> Mark Sanders, Editor
> To retrieve this file: GET EDITOR JTE-V5N1

>A Study of Three Approaches for Teaching Technical Content to Pre-service
>Technology Education Teachers
> Dan Brown
> To retrieve this file: get GET BROWN JTE-V5N1

>A Technological Teacher Education Program Planning Model
> Ronald E. Hansen
> To retrieve this file: GET HANSEN JTE-V5N1

>Technology Education in Japan
> Shji Murata & Sam Stern
> To retrieve this file: GET MURATA JTE-V5N1

>Implemnting Technology in the School Curriculum: A Case Study Involving Six
>Secondary Schools
> David F. Treaqust & Leonie J. Rennie
> To retrieve this file: GET TREAGUST JTE-V5N1

>Identifying Critical Issues and Problems in Technology Education using a
>Modified-Delphi Technique
> Robert C. Wicklein
> To retrieve this file: GET WICKLEIN JTE-V5N1

>Under the Corporate Thumb: Troubles With Our MATE (Modular Approach to
>Technology Education)
> Stephen Petrina
> To retrieve this file: GET PETRINA JTE-V5N1

>Book Review
>Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology and Society Education
>Engineering and the Mind's Eye
>Science and Technology in History: An Approach to Industrial Development
>>From Machine Shop to Industrial Laboratory: Telegraphy and the Changing
> of American Invention
>Technology and Choice: Readings from Technology and Culture
>Technology in America: A Brief History
>Twenty-five Centuries of Technological Change: An Historical Survey
>The maze of Ingenuity: Ideas and Idealism in the development of Technology
>The Evolution of Useful Things: How Everyday Artifacts from Forks and Pins to
> Paper Clips and Zippers Came to be as They Are
>Science for All Americans
>Technological Perspectives on Behavioral Change
>Forks, Phonographs, and Hot Air Balloons: A Field Guide to Inventive Thinking
> all reviews by Dennis W. Cheek
> To retrieve this file: GET CHEEK JTE-V5N1

> Scope of the JTE
> Editorial/Review Process
> Manuscript Submission Guidelines
> Subscription Information
> JTE Co-sponsors
> Electronic Access to the JTE
> To retrieve this file: GET MISCELLA JTE-V5N1

>The Journal of Technology Education is available in both print or electronic
>form. To subscribe to the electronic version, send an electronic mail message
>to LISTSERV -at- VTVM1 that says SUB JTE-L First name Last name, e.g.:

> Copyright 1993, Journal of Technology Education
> ISSN 1045-1064. Permission is given to copy any
> article or graphic provided credit is given and
> the copies are not intended for sale.

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