Re: Word for Windows <--> Word for Mac

Subject: Re: Word for Windows <--> Word for Mac
From: kendal stitzel <kensti -at- KENSTI -dot- AUTO-TROL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 08:38:25 MDT

Hey, yo, Linda,

> |}
> |} Are Word for Windows documents compatible
> |} with Word for the Mac? In other words,
> |} if I create a Word for Windows document
> |} on my PC, transfer the disk to a Mac
> |} disk, and open it in Word for the Mac,
> |} will it have all the formatting and
> |} text intact?
> |}
> |} Thanks,
> |}
> |} Linda
> |}

Steve Fouts' reply was right on target. Thought I'd add my own two cents because
I had to do a lot of Word for Windows to Word for Mac transfers recently.

As you probably know, the format of the disks themselves differs between PC and
Mac. Most Macs can read a DOS-formatted disk, though. I found that having a
file transfer program like Mac Link helps a lot. (I have also used Mac Link
for WordPerfect to Word for Mac transfers with good results.)

Here's the process I used:
* Save the Word for Windows document as a RTF or Word for DOS document.
* Go to the Mac and use Mac Link to read the disk and transfer it from RTF or
for DOS to Word for Mac format.
* Open the document from Word for Mac. Most of the format information carries

It gets a bit laborious, but it's doable. Hope this helps.

Ken Stitzel
kensti -at- auto-trol -dot- com (not to be confused with kendal -at- autotrol -dot- cuc -dot- ab -dot- ca)
((I'm never sure if auto-trol should be hyphenated in e-mail addresses or not.))

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