Re: On-line vs. online

Subject: Re: On-line vs. online
From: nburns -at- NOAO -dot- EDU
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 08:56:39 MST

>I don't know if you have discussed this before --...
>most of you are hyphenating on-line. Our company has been hyphenating it
>too, having changed it from the one-word usage the programmers preferred.
>Now I hear rumblings that the co. is considering changing back to online.
>In my readings I see it both ways. I'm not sure whether the split is 50-50,
>or leans in favor of hyphenation.

>I was wondering if any of you have heard any justification for hyphenation
>or reasons why it should be one word. (I hope this doesn't turn into another
>"red ink vs. other colors"-type debate that goes on forever!) Opinions wanted!
>Thank you.

>ecs -at- alpha -dot- sunquest -dot- com
>Beth C. Staats, tech writer
>Sunquest Information Systems, Tucson

Using my "on-line" version of the American Heritage Dictionary, I first
entered "online." It showed no listing for this spelling, but it listed
"on-line" under "alternatives for online."

The definition for on-line is: "1. Computer Science. a. Under the
control of a central computer, as in a manufacturing process or an
experiment. b. Connected to a comuter network. c. Accessible via a
computer or computer network. 2. In progress; ongoing."

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