Re: Word vs. Frame

Subject: Re: Word vs. Frame
From: Dave Venzke <dven -at- CLEO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 14:04:00 EDT

>Katie Schuler <klschulr -at- UNITY -dot- NCSU -dot- EDU> asks:
>I am currently using Word to produce some lengthy manuals. They are
>nothing fancy, printed in-house, etc...However, because of their length, I
>have run into many problems with Word. I am saving each chapter as a
>separate file, which leads to many problems in pagination, printing, etc.

I, too, use Word exclusively as my text editor, DTP/layout tool, TOC and
Index generator for producing lengthy manuals (250+ pages). Here's how
I've solved some of the problems you're facing:

1. Each chapter is saved as a separate file (sometimes 2 or 3 files,
especially those 150+ language reference chapters).

2. My numbering scheme is the familiar chapter-page (e.g., 3-4), so each
chapter begins at page 1.

3. For those chapters that carry across multiple files, I manually set the
starting page number in each subsequent file just after I've completed
the final formatting and am ready to print.

4. I have two home-grown macros that build an editable TOC and Index file.
Each macro processes one file at a time, I don't even try to use the
merging or chaining functions.

If you have some specific problems or shortcomings that I haven't addressed
here, send me e-mail (E-mail? :->) or give me a call.

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