Re: TQM, or Taking my own advice

Subject: Re: TQM, or Taking my own advice
From: Karen Steele <karen -at- BILBO -dot- SUITE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1993 13:17:16 -0600

> I don't know a lot about TQM (read: if someone else does, please post
> what you know), BUT it seems to me to be a fad, kind of like the
> business equivalent of pet rocks. You do it 'cause everyone else is.
> Hence, no buy-in. Also hence, no real follow through. All that
> happens is people have to jump through a bunch of hoops for a while,
>then management gets bored and goes on to the business equivalent of a
> Barbie Town House. Any advocates out there who want to change my
> mind?

TQM is NOT a fad. It was developed partly in response to the push to put
quality back into
the American product. It is a methodology (procedures) that if followed can
ensure that
most of the bases are covered. TQM forces the team to identify a goal, develop a
task list
for accomplishing that goal, and a test to be sure that the original goal was

I have been involved with TQM at three different companies (I'm a contractor).
of implementation and results varied based on the committment and the dedication
management and the team. It CAN be very effective.

If TQM is treated as the fad du jour in your firm, you might want to consider
the message
that is sending to you and your customers. Work of the highest quality is a
achievement. Being a part of the team responsible for such work is very

Too many entities slide by with work that is acceptable, never outstanding.
along to get along brings us all down.

I am very dedicated to the premise of quality circles and quality teams. It's
one way we
can assure that we're doing everything possible to produce the best product.

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