Re: Times Roman 'N' Helvetica

Subject: Re: Times Roman 'N' Helvetica
From: nburns -at- NOAO -dot- EDU
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1993 11:27:54 MST

>I think lots of writers have leapt into the brave new world of DTP and multi-
>font capability with little background in typography. For example, most of us
>(and Windows program menu options further this) say font when we mean typeface.
>A minor quibble, but indicative of our disconnection from the source of this

>Fred Wersan
>Bull HN Informations Systems

I'm not clear on the distinction between font and typeface. I looked up
the two words in the American Heritage Dictionary, which defines font as:
"a complete set of type of one size and face." It defines typeface as "1a.
The surface of a block of type that makes the impression, b. the impression
made by this surface; 2. the size or style of the letter or character on a
block of type; 3. the full range of type of the same design."

Seems like the definitions are similar. How would you distinguish their use?

Nancy Burns
National Solar Observatory, Tucson, AZ
nburns -at- noao -dot- edu

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