Re: TQM, or Taking my own advice

Subject: Re: TQM, or Taking my own advice
From: CARTER HANSEN <chansen -at- CWIS -dot- UNOMAHA -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1993 19:30:03 GMT

Bonni_Graham_at_Enfin-SD -at- relay -dot- proteon -dot- com writes:
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> Taking my own advice, I'm going to start a thread (hopefully) on TQM
> and it's usefulness. This posting is going to include possibly
> inflammatory statements, intended to start a discussion, NOT a
> flamewar. That said:

> I don't know a lot about TQM (read: if someone else does, please post
> what you know), BUT it seems to me to be a fad, kind of like the
> business equivalent of pet rocks. You do it 'cause everyone else is.
> Hence, no buy-in. Also hence, no real follow through. All that
> happens is people have to jump through a bunch of hoops for a while,
> then management gets bored and goes on to the business equivalent of a
> Barbie Town House. Any advocates out there who want to change my
> mind?

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Hello, Bonni, remember me? I believe we met at the last ITCC in Dallas.
Pleasantries aside, how can you utter such heresy?! Like the tired old
phrase "Guns don't kill people; people do," TQM doesn't create quality,
individuals do. TQM is simply a set of tools and principles that establish
a strong framework for building quality in products and processes. Like any
other tool, in the hands of a talented, conscientious craftsman it can work
wonders; in the hands of an unskilled, unconcerned lout, it can perhaps do
more harm than good. As a former "Quality Assurance Analyst," I have seen
both sides of the coin in the same organization. The implementation is the
key to success. Anyone who does not respect TQM clearly has never seen it
properly implemented. What a sight to behold!

Carter Hansen
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