Re: Overcoming Technophobia

Subject: Re: Overcoming Technophobia
From: Stefan Fielding-Isaacs <sfi -at- VERITY -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1993 14:49:37 PST

A little postscript on Bonn Graham's comment vis a vis using the
construction "press the X key/button".

_If_ you are using a Mac do yourself a favor and pick up a copy
of their KeyCap and Button fonts. These allow you to use a small
in-line image of a keyboard key (complete with appropriate lettering).

To my mind it's a very big advance in the presentation of user

As an aside, the documentation accompanying this product is quite
possibly the worst I've ever seen (written by a native English
speaker that is). I remonstrated at some length with the president
of Casady & Greene about this. It's truly horrible.

Anyway, you can probably find an add for the fonts in _Publish_
magazine or you can call Casady & Greene (they are in Monterey,
California 408 area code). It was less than $90 and is one of
the best investments I've made recently.

I produced my documents on this project using FM3.0.1 on the Mac.
However, I suspect the font will work well with most any page layout
program on the Mac.


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