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Subject: Re[2]: Figures
From: Susan Gallagher <Susan_Gallagher_at_Enfin-SD -at- RELAY -dot- PROTEON -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1993 14:50:00 EST

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I was working at my first tech writing job in 1983 -- and
simultaneously taking my first (night school) tech writing
class. My homework assignment was to diagram a process and
I was really stumped as to what to diagram.

I put the problem into background processing and went to
work on the task at hand -- creating user training for the
_brand_new_ Wang PC -- explaining the concept of formatting
diskettes and the File Allocation Table! Before long, light
dawned! I killed two birds with one drawing and learned, at
the molecular level, that sometimes a picture really is
worth 1,000 words.

Back then we did _real_ paste-up, with formaline tape and a
sticky sheet of 1/2 tone dots. Drawing programs have made
life so much easier, although it took a while to make the
mouse move where I thought I wanted it to.

I think that after a while it becomes (should become?)
second nature, whenever it's hard to find the words, to draw
a picture. That picture can help you organize your thoughts
and help the reader make that mental leap to understanding.

Sue Gallagher |
Sr. Technical Writer | "Updating a manual
Easel Corporation | is like changing tires
Enfin Technology Lab | on a moving car."
San Diego, CA | -- Edmond Weiss
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