All caps - why? (was: block lettering (readability))

Subject: All caps - why? (was: block lettering (readability))
From: Fred M Jacobson <fred -at- BOOLE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1993 10:51:42 PST

> I think the military may be to responsible for the popular
> use of all CAPS. 24 Years ago when I first joined
> the Navy I encountered my very fist "Communication" typewirters.
> ...
Computer and communications equipment _did_ use monocase until
relatively recently. Twenty-some years ago, when I first got my
hands on an interactive computer, the terminals were Teletypes
with those cylindercal keys and that roll of yellow newsprint.
Yes, they were caps only. And, yes, they ran at 10 cps! It was
some years later that we got our first upper and lower case line
printer. One of the first documents I worked on, I converted from
all upper case to upper and lower. I can even remember preparing
runoff (page formatter) input in monocase (on _punched_cards_, no
less) with escape charaters for shift.

About how old are the people who persist in using all caps in
E-mail messages?

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