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This may seem a little long, but I found this post and thought I remembered
a request for similar information not too long ago on this forum.

I hope someone finds this useful.


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Newsgroups: comp.os.os2.announce
From: 100274 -dot- 162 -at- CompuServe -dot- COM
Subject: NEW RELEASE: Help Development Kit version 10.0
Followup-To: comp.os.os2.apps
Organization: University of Hawaii
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1993 05:54:25 GMT

Submitted by: Ron Loewy (100274 -dot- 162 -at- CompuServe -dot- COM)
Source: Ron Loewy (100274 -dot- 162 -at- CompuServe -dot- COM)
Date received: 1993 November 5
Date posted: 1993 November 5
Hi All,

** HLPDK Sound & Vision Edition **
Picture! Music! Action!

Version 10.0 is a major release and a major step forward.
It brings many enhancements and improvements and brings
HLPDK to the Multimedia world. The highlights are:

- Microsoft Multimedia Viewer support.
- Native Graphic support for winHelp, MM VIEWER and OS/2.
- Native Sound support in winHelp and MM VIEWER.
- Native Application Launch links for winHelp, MM VIEWER
and OS/2. Just a click of a mouse can Launch another
application !
- Multiple file target databases support in winHelp,
MM VIEWER and OS/2. Create links to external databases,
and huge projects with no size limit !
- User Defined Links. Expand the HDF language without source
code changes ! Create extension libraries to the HLPDK
language and compiler !

HLPDK100 - Help Development Kit - Sound & Vision Edition.
A HYPERTEXT and HYPERMEDIA help database development kit
that includes 2 royality free help ENGINES, and a help
COMPILER with a built in cross reference tool, supports
creation of DOS help databases (several targets),
Windows (winHelp), OS/2 (IPF) and DESQview/X sources!
Creates text and word processors documents with automatic
table of contents, glossary and index from the same
source. Now with MS Multimedia Viewer support!
HLPDK - *Write once, help many!*

Features :

Topics, PopUps, Links, Keywords, Text Formats,
Navigational and Structural facilities, Target Code
insertion, Multiple module files, Automatic Pascal/C/C++
reference generation, Exception handling, Multiple file
target databases, Graphics, Sound, Groups, Application
Launch, Automatic exports creation, User defined link
templates and more.

Targets :

Native(PX), Native(MEM), WinHelp 3.0, WinHelp 3.1,
DESQview/X, OS/2, Text, Word Processors Documentation
(Via RTF).

Developing help text is an important but often neglected
part of application development. Developers often run out
of time and/or money long before they even start it.
Not a easy task to begin with (it requires skills in both
application design and technical writing skills), today's
help systems also require programming expertise and a good
measure of time. As a result many applications have
inadequate help systems that do not really fulfill their
objective - HELP THE USER.

The problem is even more complex when an application has
more than one target environment, each one using different
formats and programming techniques to generate help text.
HLPDK cannot solve all the problems involved in help text
generation, but it helps A LOT !. It allows you to write
one help text source and compile it to many different
targets !

You can take existing text like user manuals, technical
notes, etc., add simple help commands, compile it and you
have a complete help system !

HLPDK supports the following target formats :

winHelp 3.0/3.1 .HPJ/.RTF
THELP 3.0 .HL (HL 6.0 & 6.10).
QuickHelp 1.83 .SRC (HELPMAKE).
Native (Memory HDX & text).
Text Documents (Table of contents, Glossary + Index).
MS Multimedia Viewer 2.0 .MVP/.RTF
Native (Paradox 4.x & text).
Word Processors documents (via RTF)

For a limited time, HLPDK includes a $9.95 discount,
on the JCSM Shareware CD-ROM collection.

Releated tools you might be interested in include :

IL2HDK Ralf Brown's interrupt list 2 hlpdk converter
NG2HDK Norton Guides 2 hlpdk converter
POPHDK POPHELP 2 hlpdk converter
HPCHDK HelpPC 2 hlpdk converter
NEWSDB Usenet News hypertext generator :
The Tool that will allow you to store and
navigate through "Other People's Wisdom".

You can download an evaluation copy from the following places :

IBMPRO / Tools/Debuggers
OS2DF1 / Dev. Tools.
WUGNET / Elec. Publishing (Lib 9).

garbo: /pc/programming
simtel: hypertext
cica: /pub/pc/win3/programr (currently in uploads)
cdrom.com: os2/all/program (currently in incoming)

The files are available as

HDK100A.ZIP (Compiler, docmentation)
HDK100B.ZIP (dos engines, samples, extention libraries).

Ron Loewy, ISoft D&M.
Dave Tholen moderator for comp.os.os2.announce
Institute for Astronomy Internet: tholen -at- newton -dot- ifa -dot- hawaii -dot- edu
2680 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, HI 96822 Astronewsbyte: total lunar eclipse November 29

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