Software version numbers

Subject: Software version numbers
From: kendal stitzel <kensti -at- KENSTI -dot- AUTO-TROL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 10:42:07 MST

Hi, netters.

I work for a company that makes a variety of UNIX-based software products.
[insert marketing brochure here]

Lately, some of our software developers have been agitating to get us to
include the software version numbers with our manuals. In the past this
has been handled by sending out a letter with the software and (sometimes)
update pages for the manual.

Obviously, it`s nice for the user to have the most recent software version
number printed on the manual.

The problem for us writers is that the company sends out a LOT of different
updates and most of these do not require update pages to the documentation.
We're already swamped and would rather not have to update zillions of title
pages. (We use FrameMaker and Frame doesn't send out update pages; we find
this quite annoying sometimes, having to dig up the release notes to make
sure something has or hasn't changed.)

But enough whining. How have some of y'all dealt with this issue? Do you
send out updated title pages with software version changes? Do you trust
your users to track these changes with Release Notes? Do you not have this
problem at all and prefer to discuss sports or holiday plans?

Just curious.

Ken Stitzel (not that other guy)
Auto-trol Technology
Denver, Colorado
(kensti -at- Auto-trol -dot- com if you prefer e-mail)

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