Re: Technical -v- Technical Writing Expertise

Subject: Re: Technical -v- Technical Writing Expertise
From: Shannon Ford <shannon -at- UNIFACE -dot- NL>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1993 08:42:01 +0100

Just to give a last few kicks...

Len writes:
> I've always felt that judging the work of anyone by the credentials she
> holds is not constructive. Far better to judge the quality of the work
> itself rather than the background of the worker.

> I've said this before in this forum, but since this thread continues,
> nobody apparently either listened or agreed. IMHO, your background
> doesn't make you good at anything; you apply all of your skills to do a
> job, and you either do it well or you don't REGARDLESS of your
> background.

Doesn't this also imply that it shouldn't matter if you have a *degree* or not?
(If you can show that you have the required skills?)
Plenty of capable people out there never finished (or started) college. I
get the feeling, though, that these people are really discriminated against
when looking for jobs that they are otherwise qualified to do.

Of course, I wouldn't hire a nuclear engineer without a college degree; it's
hard to imagine learning everything you need to know about nuclear physics
on-the-job or as an apprentice. But a writer? or an editor?

Shannon Ford
fords -at- uniface -dot- nl

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