Re: What about BA/BS?(continued)

Subject: Re: What about BA/BS?(continued)
From: Susan Gallagher <Susan_Gallagher_at_Enfin-SD -at- RELAY -dot- PROTEON -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 12:04:00 EST

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Sorry. ccMail scrambled my first reply and I forgot to add
this back in the second time.

The question from Patrick was, "does (did) the recession
hurt those without degrees?"

The answer, yea, way! The past few years in SouthernCA have
been **very** difficult. Unemployment here is still
hovering around 10%, and there are **lots** of people with
degrees out there pounding the streets. Many of them are in
panic mode and don't really care if they have to take a 50%
pay cut to get back to work. (This hurts everybody!) Mix
well with a bunch of companies that 1) value that degree
more than skill and experience; 2) receive 200+ resumes for
each open position and need some way to weed them out; and
3) want to get the most bang for their buck in these hard
economic times; and you've got a **really** tough job

But... You really don't want to work for that kind of
company anyway! Here's where the non-standard resume comes
into play. One look and the stuffed shirts throw you right
in the trash, but the inovative, reble-types call you right
up!!! (Target your audience, yaKnow???)

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