Re[2]: Nettiquette Breach -v- Common Politeness

Subject: Re[2]: Nettiquette Breach -v- Common Politeness
From: Steven Owens <uso01 -at- MAILHOST -dot- UNIDATA -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1993 08:40:26 -0600

> Ok, OK, I was going to stay out of this one...

I wish you had :-)

> But I can't (big surprise, eh?).

Oh well.

I was rather irked when I first glanced at this yesterday, but that
was more because I was burned out and tired, I suspect. Generally
though, this is the whole reason Spelling Flames are abhorred on
mailing lists. They generate long, thoughtful messages on when it's
okay to be picky and when it's okay to be relaxed about your spelling.

All of which tends to have nothing to do with the list (okay, so this
is an exception, but still... :-) and more to the point generally
doesn't change anybody's opinion. The only really helpful thing it
does is (vaguely) identify which opinion is in the majority, and the
minority opinions usually subside and just let it slide.

Steven J. Owens
uso01 -at- unidata -dot- com

[ On most lists I'd just ignore it and hope it goes away (actually the
wisest course) but suppose I feel some responsibility to point out
the accepted aspects of Net Culture here (since it seems TECHWR-L
isn't as heavily net-oriented as other lists).]

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