A Pretty Far-fetched Idea, Pt. II...

Subject: A Pretty Far-fetched Idea, Pt. II...
From: "JACK P. SHAW" <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 14:15:22 MEZ

Please, Mr. Automatic Digester: don't go public with that last
mistake I made, pretty please...

But since it probably will (Mr.'s are funny that way..), let me
run this by you folks correctly, this time.

Since this Internet thingie has such power (see Time, et al.), have
we at our disposition the means to act as tech. communication (I bridle
in this day and era to confine us to "writers", though that be the
predominant medium, I guess) to those thinking on practicing this
fine craft?

I full well realize that such a thing is a bit tenuous, and would
depend on the goodness of many practiced hearts, but if there are
those out there fool.., er, industrious enough to be venturing into
this field, is it constructive to ask if we would be offering a
worthwhile service if we (as volunteers, of course) linked up
personally with someone wanting to deal in "real world" terms with
the profession?

Or is this a cerebral dump whose time has come and gone...

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