I love you all, you rational people

Subject: I love you all, you rational people
From: Bonni Graham <Bonni_Graham_at_Enfin-SD -at- RELAY -dot- PROTEON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1993 13:54:00 EST

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I wish to hereby take back everything I've ever said about bad grammar
or logical development about anyone from this list, collectively or

I just had a frightening experience with another net (America Online,
FYI), in which the grammar, spelling, and thought was SOOOOOOOOO poor
that I had a hard time believing that these people were products of
any educational system at all.

Flames? We _don't_ flame (by comparison). Even at our angriest, we
merely make our points more vehemently and less politely than usual.

I was informed (on this other net) that:

1) I was part of the feminist treason conspiracy to ruin this country
and every male in it,

2) the only possible solution for anyone who disagreed with me was for
them to join the American Nazi Party (I don't need defenders like

3) the real solution to the whole problem was for all of us to simply
channel the spirits of peace and goodwill into our lousy little
radical feminist hearts, not that there's room -- but "live in peace",

4) the hordes of lesbian feminists who visited sperm banks in the
early eighties are responsible for every messed up young man in the
country and that it's far better for a male child to have an abusive
father than a "mother who doesn't like men",

5) I am a part of the conspiracy between the Democrat party and the
mafia to break every law in the country to get what I have (hunh??)
and kill anyone who gets in my way (also that affirmative action
introduces untrained and untrainable women into an otherwise perfect
work force).

ARRRRGH!!! All of this was because I suggested that Bob Packwood
should probably not have kept a written record of his sexual escapades
while in office.

You all are SO rational and SO grammatical and SO much nicer to post
with! We already _are_ grammatically and logically superior to most
of what's out there!

Bonni Graham |
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