Request for Comments: Embedded Indexing Software

Subject: Request for Comments: Embedded Indexing Software
From: "Nancy C. Mulvany" <nmulvany -at- WELL -dot- SF -dot- CA -dot- US>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 08:30:18 -0800

(Dec. 9-31, 1993)

I have been told by publishers of major document processing programs
that the reason why their indexing modules are not enhanced is because
users do not complain about the embedded indexing functions. They
interpret the lack of complaints to indicate satisfaction.

My experience in the field leaves me with an entirely different
perception of user wants and needs in regard to embedded indexing
software. In my consulting capacity with many technical documentation
departments I have yet to find even one group of technical writers
satisfied with their embedded indexing software. Over the years I have
seen departments using a wide variety of embedded indexing software
including WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, Interleaf, Ventura
Publisher, Script, etc.

Is my view on this incorrect? Have you no complaints about embedded
indexing software? Are the embedded indexing software modules contained
in document processing software really OK?

It is my opinion that current versions of embedded indexing software are
extremely unsophisticated and tedious to use. Publishers of this type of
software could be doing a much better job.

I need your help. Think of this as a market survey. I need evidence. I
need data. I need your input. Please give me your opinion of embedded
indexing software. Name the program(s) that you use. Are you satisfied?
Do you have any complaints? What features would like to see added?

Please deluge me with responses (between now and Dec. 31, 1993). I will
collate all responses. Your input on this topic could make a very big
difference regarding the future development of online indexing software.
I will post the results of this survey on INDEX-L and the WELL Indexing

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* Please respond directly to me at: *
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* nmulvany -at- well -dot- sf -dot- ca -dot- us *
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This Request for Comments is originally posted on INDEX-L, please
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Time is of the essence. Take a few minutes, please share your thoughts.


Nancy Mulvany
Bayside Indexing Service
Kensington, California
(510) 524-4195
(510) 527-4681, fax
nmulvany -at- well -dot- sf -dot- ca -dot- us

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