Re: mainframe OS term needed

Subject: Re: mainframe OS term needed
From: "Maureen J. Akins" <csvmja -at- ADMIN -dot- AC -dot- EDU>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1993 09:23:45 EST

When I teach Windows, I use the term "operating environment" and explain
that an operating environment governs the way the computer interprets
what the person is trying to do.

I don't like "front end" because it's too difficult for beginners. In
everyday english, most people think of the headlights and front fender of a
car when they hear the term "front end". "Shell" isn't bad but, again,
beginners have a hard time with that. When DOS 4.0 came out with it's
shell, we had a hard time with people conceptualizing it. Some
programs/manuals use the phrasing "shell out to DOS"and that adds to the


Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1993 14:19:29 GMT
From: Edward Bedinger <qwa -at- CARSON -dot- U -dot- WASHINGTON -dot- EDU>
Subject: Re: mainframe OS term needed

Probably the first response is "Front end" vis a vis the windows/dos
relationship. Next in line would be "shell", which takes on some more
complex connotations in the mainframe environment. Of course, some sites
will benignly neglect all architectural realities and use the Windows
Operating System.

I always see "VM/CMS" to refer to CMS under VM. I would probably call
my local IBM rep or track down someone in IBM tech support
if I needed a safe posture to assume when hashing it out the "right"
terminology with the client. If you begin with an 800 number for IBM, you
can (with diligience, asking the right questions) usually come up with the
an expert for most any need, 'tho you might have to drop some dimes on
the call.

Hope this helps.
Ned Bedinger
qwa -at- u -dot- washington -dot- edu


In article <9312231428 -dot- A27456 -at- tempeccpb -dot- sps -dot- mot -dot- com> Gotlieb Carl R1478C
<r1478c -at- tempeccpb -dot- sps -dot- mot -dot- com> writes:
>Hello all,

>Are there any mainframe experts in the house?

>I'm in the closing stages of writing a mainframe data security manual. I've
>been holding off on this but I need to come up with a generic term for the
>so-called "operating systems" that run under the MVS and VM operating systems,
>such as TSO, IMS, and CMS. My client says TSO, IMS, and CMS are not true
>operating systems and not to call them that, but they can't come up with
>another term. I've been using "user interface systems." Can anybody supply
>me with a better term? (BTW: TSO is to MVS like Windows is to DOS. I think.
>So what do you call Windows?).

>Thanks for any help.
>Carl Gotlieb
>r1478c -at- tempeccpb

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