Re: mainframe OS term needed

Subject: Re: mainframe OS term needed
From: Bill Downing <bdowning -at- CTHULHU -dot- CONTROL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 14:43:24 EST

> Carl Gotlieb writes:

> Hello all,

> Are there any mainframe experts in the house?

> I'm in the closing stages of writing a mainframe data security manual. I've
> been holding off on this but I need to come up with a generic term for the
> so-called "operating systems" that run under the MVS and VM operating systems,
> such as TSO, IMS, and CMS. My client says TSO, IMS, and CMS are not true
> operating systems and not to call them that, but they can't come up with
> another term. I've been using "user interface systems." Can anybody supply
> me with a better term? (BTW: TSO is to MVS like Windows is to DOS. I think.
> So what do you call Windows?).

> -------------------------------end original message---------------------------

> I call Windows a GUI (graphical user interface), so if TSO is really a user
> interface (UI), call it such. I think I'd lose the "system", just to keep
> things short and sweet, but that's a personal preference.

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How 'bout "operating environment" or simply "interface?"

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