Tools of choice, and tangents

Subject: Tools of choice, and tangents
From: "JACK P. SHAW" <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1993 12:48:28 MEZ

To all whom I've burdened--an apology. I'm aware that some
of you pay by the mile/message/furlong, and therefore don't
want to read irrelevant mail. I started the "tools of choice"
thread, so I guess I take the rap.

But I will continue, because for those working stiffs out
there (of which I be one) who have to get out the work, I
feel this forum should give air to comparisons, gripes,
praise and prayers for better ways of working.

Bad tools are noise that distract you from communicating,
which is the fundamental philosophical basis of why you're
here. Wrong? And if your tools are "bad" because you're
1) expecting too much or 2) flat using them incorrectly,
you need to find that out. This forum is a way to do it.
It's been my experience that, unlike the hardware one has
at home, the tools I have here are not of my own choosing.
I might not play a role in which hardware/software I use,
but rather (and unfortunately) the purchasing dept. and a
manager that was cross-trained from accounting or whatever,
and has a different sense of priorities and little management
acumen (when is the last time you worked for a manager that

So while I apologize, I don't regret. I can handle a philosophical
thread as ineptly and doggedly as the next person, but when a
better, more intuitive indexer pops up, I want to know it.
Not all of us salivate over the latest issue of PC Magazine
(itself composed on MacIntosh--just ask their editors...).

Bottom line: my only solution to the dissatisfaction is to
promise to make my subject line more substantive. More, I
can't think of doing.

Come and get me...


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