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Subject: Re: Job Descriptions
From: Laura Lemay <lemay -at- KALEIDA -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 1994 11:44:23 -0800

At 2:34 PM 12/29/93 -0500, John E. Brush wrote:
>I'm part of a four person Technical Writing group, which
>consists of a Manager, Sr. Tech. Writer (me), Tech. Writer,
>and Graphic Artist.

>For years we have functioned well as a group, but ever since our
>department entered the computer age this harmony has eroded into
>a battle over who is responsible for what. Our present job
>descriptions (or lack of) don't clearly define an individual's
>responsibility toward his or her computer. Has the introduction
>of computers made it necessary to add a fifth person, who is
>responsible for computer training, maintenance, and program
>selection? Or has it become the responsibility of the individual
>to not only be a good writer or illustrator, but to also be a
>computer whiz?

In my experience, its not necessary for every individual in the group to
be completely computer literate, but it is useful for at least one person to
act as the "guru."

My official job title is Sr. Tech Writer. In addition to my normal writing
duties, I am also a part time "tools expert" (its part of my job description).
This includes:

- Implementing and maintaining the framemaker templates for the group (someone
else did the actual design, although I helped)
- Helping with questions and problems with frame and with other packages
- All-around Postscript weenie
- researching and recommending new equipment (printers, scanners, hardware)
and software for the group
- writing small scripts and programs to help the pubs group run smoother

Note that setting up computers and answering the very basic general questions
is a function of our company system administrators; my job as tools expert
is more of a pubs-specific role. It only takes about 20% of my time, and I'm
almost always available to answer questions. Since taking on that role, the
entire group has run smoother and the people I work with are more knowledgeable
about the tools they need to get the job done.

Just a suggestion;


Laura Lemay lemay -at- kaleida -dot- com
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