Re: Hypertext?

Subject: Re: Hypertext?
From: Gary Dettmers <garyd -at- TEKELEC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 1994 10:09:51 -0600

Brian Daley writes:

> I've not had the opportunity to become an expert yet, but there's
> always FrameMaker. However, there IS the issue of no FREE viewers. I'
> m sure there are people out there who have created hypertext docs with
> Frame. Well, AREN'T THERE?

I use FrameMaker to produce online help for our product. It is easy to use
but I don't recommend it because of the cost incurred to deliver FrameViewer
with each package delivered. This is the reading engine that you need to have
before your customers can look at the beautiful prose written for their sake.

I am moving the online help to a product called "MetaCard." This hypermedia
development system is similar to the Macintoshes HyperCard. It can be ported
to many different platforms such as Sun3, DEC, HP, SPARC, DOS, DESQview, and
others. You can deliver your online help with every sale without paying for a
reader. MetaCard allows you to deliver the development engine with your
files. There is no problem doing this because your customer's are not
licensed to create their own applications with it. The neat thing about it is
any existing help file can be viewed just the way you created it.You can
contact MetaCard Corp. at:

MetaCard Corportation
4710 Shoup Place
Boulder, CO.

You can also download the application from their ftp connection at:

This is the full fledge application. However, you cannot save anything that you
create with it unless you have paid the license fee. A single user license cost
$495. You can also purchase multiple site licenses at a discount.

Download the application for your OS and try it out. It's a pretty good way
of determining whether you like the product before you buy it.

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