Benchmarking (was: What is quality?)

Subject: Benchmarking (was: What is quality?)
From: Typo? What tpyo? 06-Jan-1994 1005 <jong -at- TNPUBS -dot- ENET -dot- DEC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 10:06:12 EST

There's some good advice about benchmarking in this thread!
I would add that as with critical success factors
(a concept defined in the excellent book _A Guide to Benchmarking at Xerox_),
you determine what to benchmark by thinking about what's important to
your customers.

For example, I previously said that our customers said they wanted
good illustrations (actually, they said *more* illustrations,
which we can measure). What should we benchmark?
The documents with the best (and most) illustrations.
What makes their illustrations so good, how do they produce them,
and can we do better for less money?

What you benchmark depends on what you and your customers think is important.

-- Steve (in blank-verse mode)

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