Re: Tech Weenies in the TC group (was: Job Descriptions)

Subject: Re: Tech Weenies in the TC group (was: Job Descriptions)
From: Mike Beyries <beyries -at- CSISDN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 13:12:32 PST

I do agree with Jane's recommendations, and I'd like to add that
"documentation toolsmith" is a title that has been well-accepted at
some of the (many) companies I've worked in. This is comparable to
the toolsmiths in a software development organization, so management
may react well to it.

A toolsmith may be a person, or a slice of some people's time, that
investigates and improves tools, networks, conversion programs, etc.
In a large department where we had Senior, Intermediate, and Junior
writers, this stuff was expected of the Seniors and recommended for
the Intermediates. It was thus a differentiating factor and something
the new people looked forward to. (It can be an excuse/reason for
going to seminars & trade shows -- and that's not a bad idea.)

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