Re: abortion

Subject: Re: abortion
From: Marianne Mahoney <mcm -at- ZYCOR -dot- LGC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 15:19:35 CST

Hi Joe

Yes, abortion sucks.

I have been tempted to wear some ghastly coat, and say it it
not baby seals, just baby seal fetuses (they actually have coats
made out of unborn lamb). I could say they're not real babies,
just fetuses.

Concerning the ` Right to an Abortion' it is really ludicrous if you
turn it around from a 'right to be pregnant only if I choose' to right
to BE PREGNANT because I want to be. The folks in the fertility support
groups and treatment programs don`t even assert that.

Pregnancy doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with rights, simpliciter.
(A woman has a right not to be raped, but she doesn't have a right to
an abortion if she becomes pregnant due to a rape.)

The whole concept of carrying a child to term as coercion is a real mis
understanding of what a woman is. Pregnancy is not a politically imposed
burden. Conceptually, the government can't do anything about it one way
or the other (it can, de facto, but not by nature). It can't make you
unpregnant, and it can't redress your disappointment if you can't get pregnant
and stay pregnant.

Coercion such as rape or such as forcible abortion violates rights.
But saying that having no alternative to carrying a child to term is
coercion is like a teenager who complains that he his being coerced because
he grew an entire foot in his thirteenth year of life.

Well, Joe, you will no doubt be flamed, but keep your moral sanity.
And by the way, my former fetuses, age 6 and 7, llittle boy and little girl,
are in good health
and high spirits today, which is definitely the whole payoff for working
as a technical writer, or as anything else.>

Marianne Mahoney

Tech Writer Austin Texas

Not the views of my employer, who pays no attention to my views.

mcm -at- zycor -dot- lgc -dot- com

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