Re: warning: possible Internet scam

Subject: Re: warning: possible Internet scam
From: Melvin Klassen <KLASSEN -at- UVVM -dot- BITNET>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 14:14:14 PST

On Thu, 06 Jan 1994 10:18 EST, Melinda Massi <MHM0 -at- ECC -dot- BITNET> wrote:
> If you are contemplating a private Internet account, read the following, and
> be alert. Washington, DC, may not be the only place where this is happening.

A followup to the original note on the COMMUNET list suggests that this
is **NOT** a "scam". Don't you wish that people would *check* the facts
before posting disparaging, and possibly-libellous, material?
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 15:15:15 PST
Subject: Re: Possible internet credit card scam?

Susan C. Bredesen <bredesen -at- ph4000 -dot- PLH -dot- AF -dot- MIL> writes:

> Well, folks, I received the attached on GO4LIB-L. I have no idea how true
> it is. But, I am cross-posting it to TIPSHEET, TECHNET, HELP-NET.
To cover all the lists on which this is propogating, I am cross-posting it to:
>Susan C. Bredesen, VMS System Manager EMAIL: bredesen -at- ph4000 -dot- plh -dot- af -dot- mil
>VOICE: 617-377-3713, FAX: 617-377-3160 or system -at- ph4000 -dot- plh -dot- af -dot- mil
>USMAIL: Phillips Laboratory/GPSG,29 Randolph Road,Hanscom AFB,MA 01731-3010
>**************** START ATTACHED MSG ****************************************
>Date: Wed, 5 Jan 1994 16:31:27 CST
>From: Vianne Tang <TANG -at- LAW -dot- MISSOURI -dot- EDU>
>Subject: Possible Internet Related Credit Card Scam

>This warning is cross-posted to AUTOCAT, PACS-L, NETTRAIN, and
>GO4LIB-L. Please be aware of this issue and pass out the words
>to the individuals who are interested in this association.
>Date: Wed, 5 Jan 1994 16:31:27 CST
>From: Vianne Tang <TANG -at- LAW -dot- MISSOURI -dot- EDU>

> Below is a message I received through the COMMUNET listserver (via my
> American Online Account):

> Date: Tue, 4 Jan 1994 16:18:44 -0500
> From: Scott A. Ward 703-614-4719 <wards -at- AMOMEGA -dot- ACQ -dot- OSD -dot- MIL>
> Subject: Warning: International Internet Association

> A company calling itself the International Internet Association, and billing
> itself as "the largest non-profit provider of free Internet access in
> the world" has started advertizing in the Washington, D.C. area, and offering
> free Internet accounts to individuals who will FAX them, among other things,
> a credit card number. As an active member of the Member Council of the
> National Capital Area Public Access Network (CapAccess), I wanted to find
> more about this organization that supposedly has offices NOT THREE BLOCKS

> Here's the result of my search for the IIA.

> 1. Their address, listed as "Suite 852 - 202 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
> Washington D.C. 20006", is actually a post office box at Mailboxes, Etc.

> 2. The company lists no incorporation, trademark or service-mark licenses.

> 3. They claim your E-mail address would be <userid>
> However:
> a. No is listed in the hosts table
> b. No is listed in the hosts table
> c. No is listed is the INTERNIC 'whois' database
> d. No is listed using the INTERNIC 'netfind' Internet lookup
> In other words, IIA.ORG does NOT, at this time, exist.

Note that "modern" hosts use the Internet name-servers, not "hosts-tables". :-)

I get very(!) **different** results when I search at INTERNIC.NET, namely:

| Whois: international internet ass.
| International Internet Association (IIA2-DOM) IIA.ORG
| International Internet Association (MARY-HST) MARY.IIA.ORG

| Whois: mary-hst
| International Internet Association (MARY-HST)

| Hostname: MARY.IIA.ORG
| Address:
| System: SUN running UNIX

| Host Administrator:
| Bochicchio, Charleen (CB45) char -at- JOY -dot- ICM -dot- COM
| +1 202 387 5445 (FAX) +1 202 387 5446

| Domain Server

| Record last updated on 01-Dec-93.

| Whois: iia2-dom
| International Internet Association (IIA2-DOM)
| 30 South First Avenue
| Highland Park, NJ 08904

| Domain Name: IIA.ORG

| Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
| Bochicchio, Charleen (CB45) char -at- JOY -dot- ICM -dot- COM
| +1 202 387 5445 (FAX) +1 202 387 5446

| Record last updated on 01-Dec-93.

| Domain servers in listed order:


| Whois:
Cross-posting: an easy way to meet "net.enemies" Melvin Klassen <KLASSEN -at- UVVM>

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