Re: FrameMaker 3.x.x

Subject: Re: FrameMaker 3.x.x
From: Steve Fouts <sfouts -at- ELLISON -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 1994 09:12:58 CST

|} >Who does and doesn't like FrameMaker?
|} >And why for either response?

I'll stay out of this one...

|} I'm thinking of purchasing FrameMaker or PageMaker, trying to
|} make up my mind--so the issue interests me.
|} I have two compatability questions:
|} 1. Are (or to what degree are) FrameMaker files compatible with
|} PageMaker files?

PageMaker files are a little bit tricky to move around because the text,
the graphics, and the format info are stored in different places. We've
had lots of problems moving PM files to anything else.

|} 2. To what degree are Mac PageMaker files compatible with PC
|} PageMaker files?

100% file compatible. I have a newsletter that I do in PM4 and I just
use my Mac to write a .PM4 file to a 3.5" DOS disk and run the disk
to the PC. Poof! Some minor font problems are all I've had except that
PCs are not 32-bit file compatible, so if you're running your Mac in
32-bit mode under System 7 you'll crash when trying to load PC PM4 files,
and likewise the PC will choke on a 32-bit PM4 file.

I am told that PM5 is just as file compatible as PM4, but I am unsure about

|} I guess the general question is this: I plan to be moving between
|} three applications--PM/Mac, PM/PC, and FrameMaker--and am wondering
|} how hard/easy that will be.

I have a feeling that FrameMaker -> PageMaker is easier than the back again
step. But don't know for sure.

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